Advanced Electronic Packaging

Advanced Electronic Packaging

Ulrich, Richard K.; Brown, William D.

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Chapter 1: Introduction and overview of microelectronic packaging. Chapter 2: Materials for microelectronic packaging.

Chapter 3: Processing technologies.

Chapter 4: Organic printed circuit board materials and processes.

Chapter 5: Ceramic substrates.

Chapter 6: Electrical considerations, modeling, and simulation.

Chapter 7: Thermal considerations.

Chapter 8: Mechanical design considerations.

Chapter 9: Discrete and embedded passive devices.

Chapter 10: Electronic package assembly.

Chapter 11: Design considerations.

Chapter 12: Radio frequency and microwave packaging.

Chapter 13: Power electronics packaging.

Chapter 14: Multichip and three-dimensional packaging.

Chapter 15: Packaging of MEMS and MOEMS: challenges and a case study.

Chapter 16: Reliability considerations.

Chapter 17: Cost evaluation and analysis.

Chapter 18: Analytical techniques for materials characterization.
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