Air Pollution and Plant Life

Air Pollution and Plant Life

Treshow, M.; Bell, J. N. B.

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Introduction (Nigel Bell & Michael Treshaw)

Historical Perspectives (Michael Treshaw & Nigel Bell)

Emissions, Dispersion and Atmospheric Transformation (Roy Colville)

Deposition and Uptake by Vegetation (David Fowler)

Effects of Oxidants at the Biochemical, Cell and Physiological Levels with Particular Reference to Ozone (Stephen Long and Shawna Naidu)

Effects of Oxidants at the Whole Plant and Community Level (Michael Ashmore)

Nitrogen Oxides: Old Problems and New Challenges (Terry Mansfield)

Effects of Sulphur Dioxide (Allan Legge & Sagar Krupa)

Effects of Fluorides (Len Weinstein & Del McCune)

Effects of Volatile Organic Compounds (Christopher Collins & Nigel Bell)

Effects of Particulates (Andrew Farmer)

Effects of Increased Nitrogen Deposition (Roland Bobbink & Leon Laners)

Effects of Wet Deposited Acidity (Trevor Ashenden)

Effects of Pollutant mixtures (Andreas Fangmeier, Juergen Bender, Hand-Joachim Weigel & Hans-Juergen Jager)

Forest Decline and Air Pollution: An Assessment of "Forest Health" in the Forests of Europe, the Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada (John Innes & John Skelly)

Effects of Acidic Deposition on Aquatic Ecosystems (Ronald Harriman, Ricahrd Battarbee & Don Monteith)

Effects on Bryophytes and Lichens (Jeffrey Bates)

Modifications of Plant Response by Environmental Conditions (Gina Mills)

Air Pollutant -
Abiotic Stress Interactions (Alan Davison & Jeremy Barnes)

Effects of Air Pollutants on Biotic Stresses (Walter Fluckiger, Sabine Braun & Erika Hiltbrunner)

Effects of Air Pollutants in Developing Countries (Fiona Marshall)

Air Quality Guidelines and their Role in Pollution Control Policy (Michael Ashmore)

Air Pollution and Climate Change (Victor Runeckles)

Future Research Priorities and Directions (Nigel Bell)
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