The Work of the Managerial Accountant

Bragg, Steven M.; Roehl-Anderson, Janice M.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd






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Note to the Reader: Sections not in the main bound volume are indicated by "(New)" after the title. Material from the Seventh Edition that has been updated for this supplement is indicated by "(Revised)" after the title. Preface. PART 4: PLANNING AND CONTROL OF THE BALANCE SHEET. 27 Planning and Control of Receivables. 27.1 Introduction (Revised). 27.2 Credit Policies, Procedures, and Systems (New). 27.2A Collection Policies, Procedures, and Systems (New). 28 Planning and Control of Inventories. 28.1 Introduction (Revised). 28.2A Inventory Purchasing (New). 28.2B Inventory Receiving and Shipping (New). 28.2C Inventory Storage (New). 28.2D Inventory Picking (New). 28.2E Production Issues Impacting Inventory (New). 28.2F Inventory Transactions (New). 28.2G Inventory Quantity Management (New). 28.2H Warehouse Layout (New). PART 6: COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND RELATED TECHNOLOGY. 41A Maintaining and Upgrading ERP Financial Systems (New). 41A.1 Overview. 41A.2 Current State. 41A.3 Key Strategies to Minimize Cost. 41A.4 Conclusion. 41B Impact of Enterprise Applications on Finance (New). 41B.1 How Do These Deployments Affect Me? 41B.2 Pitfalls. 41B.3 What Leads to an Increased Risk Profile? 41B.4 What Can You Do? 41B.5 Conclusion. Index.
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