Digital Land - Integrating Technology into the Land Planning Process

Digital Land - Integrating Technology into the Land Planning Process

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Acknowledgments. Image Credits. Preface. Chapter 1 Introduction. Background. Framework for Understanding Digital Data. Stakeholders in the Planning and Design Process. Digital Tools for the Land Planning Process. Chapter 2 Gathering Digital Data. The Need for Valid Data. Database Management System Software. Geospatial Data. Democratization of Data. Mining for Data. Digital Terrain and 3D Landforms. Site Surveys. Global Positioning System Technology. Data Acquisition, Costs, and Management. Conclusion. Chapter 3 Sharing, Storing, and Managing Data Networking. Networking. Wireless Technology. Storage and Backup. Disaster Recovery Planning. Managing CAD Data. Case Study: Sasaki Associates. Case Study: Geller Devellis, Inc. Chapter 4 Processing Digital Data. Management and Production. Importance of the Internet to the Design Community. Visualizing the Land. Case Study: Burlington Project. Conclusion. Chapter 5 Integrating Digital Data. Creating Maps. CAD/GIS Integration. Processing Images. Tools for Urban Planning. Case Study: Using Google Earth to Share Geospatial Information. Community Mapping. Interactive Web Technology: Public Participation in Cyberspace. Dynamic Graphics. Case Study: Sasaki Strategies. Integrating Scientific Modeling and Simulations. Case Study: Geller Devellis. Conclusion. Summary. Trends. Conclusion. Web Resources. References. Index.
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