Encyclopedia of Antarctica and the Southern Oceans

Encyclopedia of Antarctica and the Southern Oceans

Stonehouse, Bernard; Stonehouse, Bernard

John Wiley and Sons Ltd






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An up-to-date and authoritative one-volume reference on this major geographical area. Organised alphabetically but with the innovative device of 'study guides' arranged around 8 key topics enabling the user to follow themes of interest systematically and thematically.
List of Advisory Editors. List of Contributors. Introduction. A Z Entries. Appendix A: Agreed Measures for the Conservation of Antarctic Fauna and Flora. Appendix B: Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals. Appendix C: Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources. Appendix D: Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty. Appendix E: Text of the Antarctic Treaty. Further reading. Study Guide: Climate and Life. Study Guide: Exploration. Study Guide: Geography. Study Guide: Geology and Glaciology. Study Guide: Information Sources. Study Guide: National Interests in Antarctica. Study Guide: Protected Areas under the Antarctic Treaty. Study Guide: Southern Oceans and Islands. A Z Listing of Encyclopedia Entries.
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