Environmentally Conscious Transportation

Environmentally Conscious Transportation

Kutz, Myer

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Contributors Preface

1. The Economic and Environmental Footprints of Transportation (Lester B. Lave and Michael W. Griffin)

2. Public Transportation and the Environment (Michael D. Meyer)

3. Transportation and Air Quality (Mohan M. Venigalla)

4. The Social Cost of Motor-Vehicle Use in the U.S. (Mark A. Dulucchi)

5. Traffic Congestion Management (Nagui M. Rouphail)

6. Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Design and Performance (Andrew Burke)

7. Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles (Amin M. Motlagh, Mohammad Abuhaiba, Mohammad H. Elahinia, and Walter Olson)

8. Biofuels for Transportation (Aaron Smith, Cesar Granda, and Mark Holtzapple)

9. Life Cycle Assessment as a Tool for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure (Gerardo W. Flintsch)

10. Pavement and Bridge Management and Maintenance (Sue McNeil)

11. Impacts of the Aviation Sector on the Environment

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