Grassroots Activism and the Evolution of Transitional Justice

Grassroots Activism and the Evolution of Transitional Justice

The Families of the Disappeared

Kovras, Iosif (City, University of London)

Cambridge University Press






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Using a new global database of enforced disappearances, this book demonstrates how victims' groups have themselves shaped transitional justice policies.
1. Introduction; Part I. Methods and Theory: 2. Methodological and theoretical innovations in the use of databases in transitional justice; Part II. Global and Historical Perspectives: 3. The daughters of Antigone in Latin America: Argentinian mothers; 4. 'Forensic cascade': the technologies and institutions of truth; 5. The 'missing' tale of human rights; Part III. National Perspectives: 6. Institutionalized silences for the missing in Lebanon; 7. Cyprus: the bright side of a frozen conflict; 8. Truth commissions and the missing: TRC's 'unfinished business'; 9. Poetic justice: the Chilean desaparecidos; 10. Conclusions: five lessons for transitional justice.
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