Guidelines for Chemical Transportation Safety, Security, and Risk Management

Guidelines for Chemical Transportation Safety, Security, and Risk Management

CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)

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Preface. Acknowledgments.

Items on the CD.


1. Introduction.

1.1 Key Shareholders in the Supply Chain and Risk Management Process.

1.2 Transportation Risk Management.

1.3 Using These Guidelines.

2. Primary Management Systems.

2.1Regulatory Compliance.

2.2 Essential Components of a Transportation Management System.

2.3 XYZ Chemical Example- Primary Management Systems.

3. Risk Assessment Fundamentals.

3.1 Safety Risk Assessment Concepts.

3.2 Risk Definitions.

3.3 Risk Analysis Protocol.

3.4 Identification and Prioritization Activities.

3.5 XYZ Chemical Example- Identification and Prioritization

4. Qualitative and Semi- Quantitative Risk Analysis.

4.1 Qualitative and Semi- Quantitative Risk Assessments.

4.2 Qualitative Risk Analysis.

4.3 Semi- Quantitative Risk Analysis.

5. Quantitative Risk Analysis.

5.1 Overview.

5.2 QRA Data Sources.

5.3 Presentation of Quantitative Results.

5.4 XYZ Chemical Example- Quantitative Risk Analysis.

6. Transportation Security Considerations.

6.1 Overview of Transportation Security.

6.2 Transportation Security Concepts.

6.3 Security Prioritization Process.

6.4 Transportation Security Vulnerability Assessment.

6.5 Practical Transportation Security Elements.

6.6 XYZ Chemical Example- Security Analysis.

7. Risk Reduction Strategies.

7.1 Risk Reduction Initiatives.

7.2 Factors Influencing Risk Reduction Options.

7.3 Selection of Risk Reduction Options.

7.4 XYZ Chemical Example- Risk Reduction Strategies.

8. Program Sustainability.

8.1 Ongoing Commitment to Risk Management.

8.2 Continuous Improvement.

8.3 Emerging Safety and Security Trends.

8.4 Evolving Transportation Risk Analysis Practices.

8.5 XYZ Chemical Example- Program Sustainability.

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