High Frequency Techniques

High Frequency Techniques

An Introduction to RF and Microwave Design and Computer Simulation

White, Joseph F.

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Preface. Acknowledgements.

1. Introduction.

2. Review of Alternating Current Analysis and Network Simulation.

3. LC Resonance and Matching Networks.

4. Distributed Circuit Design.

5. The Smith Chart.

6. Matrix Analysis.

7. Electromagnetic Fields and Waves.

8. Directional Couplers.

9. Filter Design.

10. Transistor Amplifier Design.

Appendix A: Symbols and Units.

Appendix B: Complex Mathematics.

Appendix C: Diameter and Resistance of Annealed Copper Wire by Gauge Size.

Appendix D: Properties of Some Materials.

Appendix E: Standard Rectangular Waveguides.

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Microwave engineering; microwave theory; Radio Frequency techniques; communication technology; circuit analysis; wave propagation; alternating-current theory; complex numbers; microwave design theory