Hospitality Employee Management and Supervision - Concepts and Practical Applications

Hospitality Employee Management and Supervision - Concepts and Practical Applications

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Preface. Acknowledgments. UNIT 1: THE LEGAL LANDSCAPE. Chapter 1. Introduction to Hiring and Supervising Employees. Chapter 2. The Hospitality Manager's Legal Challenges. Chapter 3. Wage and Hour Laws Affecting Salaried, Hourly, and Tipped Employees. Chapter 4. Common Law, Negligent Hiring, and Employee Rights. Chapter 5. Working With Unions. UNIT 2: THE EMPLOYEE SELECTION PROCESS. Chapter 6. Job Descriptions and Job Specifications. Chapter 7. The Employee Handbook. Chapter 8. Advertising and Recruiting. Chapter 9. Applications, Interviews, and Background Checks. UNIT 3: ORIENTATION AND TRAINING. Chapter 10. New-Employee Orientation. Chapter 11. Training to Performance Standards. UNIT 4: COMMUNICATION AND MOTIVATION. Chapter 12. Performance Appraisals That Work. Chapter 13. Effective Communication and Feedback. Chapter 14. Employee Discipline. Chapter 15. Employee Motivation Through Quality Leadership. Index.
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