Interior Textiles - Fabrics, Application and Historical Style

Interior Textiles - Fabrics, Application and Historical Style

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Acknowledgements. Introduction. PART I: TEXTILES. Chapter 1: The Textiles Industry, Profession and Careers. Chapter 2: Sustainable Interior Textiles. Chapter 3: Natural and Manufactured Fibers. Chapter 4: Yarns and Fabric Construction. Chapter 5: Fabric Conversion: Coloring and Finishing. PART II: TEXTILE APPLICATIONS. Chapter 6: Textile Specifications, Testing and Labeling. Chapter 7: Textile Aesthetics. Chapter 8: Upholstered Furniture and Slipcovers. Chapter 9: Textile Wallcoverings. Chapter 10: Window Treatments. Chapter 11: Linens and Accessories. Chapter 12: Broadloom Carpeting. Chapter 13: Hand- and Machine-Made Area Rugs. PART III: PERIOD STYLES. Chapter 14: Oriental Styles. Chapter 15: Formal Traditional Styles. Chapter 16: Medieval, Colonial and Country Styles. Chapter 17: Regional and Thematic Styles. Chapter 18: Modern Styles. Glossary. Appendix. Bibliography. Index.
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