Higham, Desmond J.; Higham, Nicholas J.

Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics,U.S.






This third edition of MATLAB Guide completely revises and updates the best-selling second edition and is more than 25 per cent longer. The book remains a lively, concise introduction to the most popular and important features of MATLAB and the Symbolic Math Toolbox.
* List of Figures* List of Tables* List of Program Files* Preface* Chapter 1: A Brief Tutorial* Chapter 2: Basics* Chapter 3: Distinctive Features of MATLAB* Chapter 4: Arithmetic* Chapter 5: Matrices* Chapter 6: Operators and Flow Control* Chapter 7: Program Files* Chapter 8: Graphics* Chapter 9: Linear Algebra* Chapter 10: More on Functions* Chapter 11: Numerical Methods: Part I* Chapter 12: Numerical Methods: Part II* Chapter 13: Input and Output* Chapter 14: Troubleshooting* Chapter 15: Sparse Matrices* Chapter 16: More on Coding* Chapter 17: Advanced Graphics* Chapter 18: Other Data Types and Multidimensional Arrays* Chapter 19: Object-Oriented Programming* Chapter 20: The Symbolic Math Toolbox* Chapter 21: Graphs* Chapter 22: Large Data Sets* Chapter 23: Optimizing Codes* Chapter 24: Tricks and Tips* Chapter 25: The Parallel Computing Toolbox* Chapter 26: Case Studies* Appendix A: The Top 111 MATLAB Functions* Glossary* Bibliography* Index.
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