Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

Jiambalvo, James

John Wiley and Sons Ltd



Mixed media product



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Focuses at managerial accounting that stresses what readers need as managers. This package is comprised of a text, CD, and web site. It also focuses on two key ideas, the importance of incremental analysis in decision making and performance measurement.
Chapter 1. Managerial Accounting in the Information Age.Chapter 2. Job-Order Costing and Modern Manufacturing Practices.Chapter 3. Process Costing.Chapter 4. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis.Chapter 5. Variable Costing.Chapter 6. Cost Allocation and Actitivy-Based Costing.Chapter 7. The Use of Cost Information in Management Decision Making.Chapter 8. Pricing Decision, Analyzing Customer Profitability, and Activity-Based Pricing.Chapter 9. Capital Budgeting Decisions.Chapter 10. Budgetary Planning and Control.Chapter 11. Standard Cost and Variance Analysis.Chapter 12. Decentralization and Performance Evaluation.Chapter 13. Analyzing Financial Statement: A Managerial Perspective.Glossary.Photo Credits.Index.
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