Person-Centred Therapy with Children and Young People

Person-Centred Therapy with Children and Young People

Smyth, David

SAGE Publications Ltd






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This book combines traditional person-centred theory with child development concepts to provide a new 'child-centred' model for counsellors and psychotherapists. Practical and pedagogical, Smyth writes with a unique warmth of style and personal approach.
Foreword - Professor Michael BehrPART ONE: THEORY AND PRACTICEThe Person-Centred Approach/Introduction to the BookChild-Centred Therapy: An IntroductionAssociated Child-Related Theories and CultureThe Emerging Child-Centred PractitionerChild-Centred Therapy: Developing PracticeChild-Centred Therapy for Children with Special NeedsPractical Play TherapyChildhood Experience and Adult LivesPART TWO: PROFESSIONAL ISSUESReceiving Referrals and CommunicationsChallenges of Boundaries in CounsellingMultiprofessional PracticeLegal and Ethical Considerations
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