Practical Golf Course Maintenance

Practical Golf Course Maintenance

The Magic of Greenkeeping

Bavier, Michael; Witteveen, Gordon

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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Practical Golf Course Maintenance, Second Edition is a revision of the bestselling golf course maintenance book that offers uniquely practical, applied, non-technical advice for maintaining and operating a golf course.
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Cutting Greens. 2. Cutting Tees. 3. Fairways. 4. The Rough. 5. Sand Bunkers and Their Maintenance. 6. Water. 7. Fertilizer. 8. Topdressing. 9. Aerating, Spiking and Verticutting 10. Spraying. 11. Flagsticks and Tee Markers. 12. Drainage. 13. Seeding, Sodding and Sprigging 14. Golfer Traffic and Paths. 15. Rules of Golf that Affect Maintenance 16. Trees 17. Landscaping 18. Managing People. 19. Budgeting for Tools and Machinery 20. The Turf Care Center. 21. Greenkeeping Common Sense 22. Job Descriptions Index. About the Authors.
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