Professional Planting Design

Professional Planting Design

An Architectural and Horticultural Approach for Creating Mixed Bed Plantings

Scarfone, Scott C.

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Foreword vii
James A. van Sweden

Foreword viii
Fergus Garrett

Introduction ix

Planting Design: A Unique Design Profession xii

Practicing the Art of Mixed Planting Design xiv

1 Mixed Planting Basics 1

Mixing and Matching 2

Evolution of a Planting Style 3

The Theory Behind Mixed Plantings: The Role of Dynamism and Diversity 7

Making the Most of the Mix 9

The Role of Plant Functionality in Design 10

Mixed Planting Bed Functions 10

Mixed Planting Bed Types 12

Cultural and Maintenance Considerations as Part of the Design Process 15

Moving on with the Planting Design Process 16

2 The Power of Succession 19

Planning for Succession 20

Components of the Mixed Planting 21

Permanent vs. Temporary Plantings 35

3 Applying Design Fundamentals to Planting Design 37

Elements of Composition 38

Using Color in the Landscape 50

The Language of Design 54

4 Structuring and Adorning the Mixed Planting Composition 69

Imposing a Planting Structure 70

Punctuating with Decorative Plants 73

Working with Plant Forms 75

Incorporating Leaf Characteristics 81

Using Foliage Color 89

Maintaining Seasonal Interest 94

5 Form-Based Approach to Mixed Planting Design 101

Understanding Form Relationships 102

Blocking a Design Pattern 107

Creating Mass: Grouping and Arranging 108

Assembling the Abstract Composition 116

Evaluating the Composition 123

6 Designing in Plan View: Creating the Beds 125

Going Horizontal 126

Grouping Plants: Developing Masses 131

Calculating Bed Depth 138

Establishing the Bed Line 140

Developing a Design Theme 145

Using a Grid 161

Conclusion 173

7 Composing and Structuring a Mixed Bed 175

Layering as Part of the Planning Process 176

Locating the Plants 177

Identify Locations of Structure Plants 177

Add Theme Plants 184

Insert Accents or Focal Points 190

Infill or Filler Plantings 196

Understanding the Importance of Massing to the Planting Composition 197

Factoring in Maintenance 203

Conclusion 206

8 Specifying Plants by Their Characteristics 207

Specifying Characteristics 208

Planning for Succession 218

Creating a Memorable Impression 226

Keeping It Simple 234

9 Understanding the Planting Environment 237

Understanding Soils 238

Exposure to the Elements 241

Accounting for Growth Behavior 243

Giving Plants Room to Grow 246

Exploiting Plant Genetics 249

Conclusion 249

10 Completing the Process: Selecting the Plants 251

Selecting Plants 252

Maintaining the Composition 254

Conclusion 255

Bibliography 259

Index 261
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