Security in Shared Neighbourhoods

Security in Shared Neighbourhoods

Foreign Policy of Russia, Turkey and the EU

Simao, Licinia; Piet, Remi

Palgrave Macmillan






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This edited volume addresses the foreign policy approaches demonstrated by the European Union (EU), Russia and Turkey towards their shared neighbourhood. These three geopolitical players promote active foreign and security policies towards the Black and Caspian Seas, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and determine stability in these regions.
PART I: TRIANGULATING PERCEPTIONS AMONG REGIONAL POWERS 1. Identities and Images of Competition in the Overlapping Neighbourhoods: How EU and Russian Foreign Policies Interact; Tom Casier 2. Russian Foreign Policy and the Shaping of a 'Greater Europe'; Maria Raquel Freire 3. Turkey's Policies in its Overlapping Neighbourhood with Russia and the EU; Ci?dem Ustun 4. EU-Russia Relations and Norm Diffusion: the Role of Non-State Actors; Sandra Fernandes PART II: SECURITY IN THE SHARED NEIGHBORHOOD 5. The Securitization of the EU's Eastern Neighbourhood: What Role for Russia?; Licinia Simao and Vanda Dias 6. Out of Will or Out of Necessity? Turkey and the Middle East; Andre Barrinha and Laura Bastos PART III: COMPETING POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC MODELS IN THE SHARED NEIGHBORHOOD 7. The Impact of the Arab Spring on Central Asia: Regional and Macro-regional Implications; Ekaterina Koldunova 8. Dichotomy of Energy Policies in the Caspian: Where Two Strive Another Benefits?; Slawomir Raszewski 9. Azerbaijan's Rites of Passage: Liminality, Centering and the Temptation of Strategic Autonomy; Bradford McGuinn Conclusion; Licinia Simao
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