System Theory and Practical Applications of Biomedical Signals

System Theory and Practical Applications of Biomedical Signals

Baura, Gail D.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd






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Vital to both electrical and biomedical engineering professionals and students. â Provides the most current information in the areas of medical intstrumentation, biomedical and digital signal and bioengineering. â Useful to processing academic researchers in pursuing grants and industry fundings.
Preface. Nomenclature. I FILTERS. 1 System Theory and Frequency-Selective Filters. 2 Low Flow Rate Occlusion Detection Using Resistance Monitoring. 3 Adaptive Filters. 4 Improved Pulse Oximetry. 5 Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Analysis. 6 Improved Impedance Cardiography. II MODELS FOR REAL TIME PROCESSING. 7 Linear System Identification. 8 External Defibrillation Waveform Optimization. 9 Nonlinear System Identification. 10 Improved Screening for Cervical Cancer. 11 Fuzzy Models. 12 Continuous Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring: Proof of Concept. III COMPARTMENTAL MODELS. 13 The Linear Compartmental Model. 14 Pharmacologic Stress Testing Using Closed-Loop Drug Delivery. 15 The Nonlinear Compartmental Model. 16 The Role of Nonlinear Compartmental Models in Development of Antiobesity Drugs. IV SYSTEM THEORY IMPLEMENTATION. 17 Algorithm Implementation. 18 The Need for More System Theory in Low-Cost Medical Applications. Glossary. Index.
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