Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention

Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention

Menon, Rajan (Professor of Political Science, CCNY and CUNY)

Oxford University Press Inc






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The Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention rejects, on political, legal, ethical, and strategic grounds, the widespread claim that military force can be used effectively-and on the basis of a universal consensus-to stop mass atrocities. As such, it is an against-the-current treatment of an important practice in world politics.
Introduction ; Chapter 1: The Animating Idea ; Chapter 2: Altruism's Limits ; Chapter 3: Sovereignty, Legitimacy, and Intervention ; Chapter 4: The Legal Debate ; Chapter 5: Human Rights and Intervention ; Chapter 5: The Primacy of Pragmatism ; Chapter 7: War and Post-War ; Chapter 8: "The International Community" ; Conclusion
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