Urban Politics

Urban Politics

Critical Approaches

Martin, Deborah; Davidson, Mark

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A critical exploration of global, contemporary urban politics in a geographical context.
Thinking Critically about Urban Politics - Mark Davidson and Deborah MartinPART ONE: CITY AS SETTINGThe Neighbourhood as a Place for (Urban) Politics - Katherine Hankins and Deborah MartinSplintered Governance: Urban Politics in the Twenty First Century - Kevin WardRuthless: The Foreclosure of American Urban Politics - Elvin Wyly and Kathe NewmanPART TWO: CITY AS MEDIUMPolicing the City - Kurt IvesonMayors and the Representation of Urban Politics - Donald McNeillMaking Urban Politics Go Away: The Role of Legally Mandated Planning Processes in Occluding City Power - John CarrPART THREE: CITY AS COMMUNITYQueering the City: Sexual Citizenship in Creative City Singapore - Natalie OswinMaking Space in the Multicultural City: Immigrant Settlements, Neighbourhoods and Urban Politics - Jamie WindersThe Embedded Politics of Entrepreneurs - Susan HansonIs Class Relevant to Urban Politics? - Mark DavidsonThe Urban Imaginary of Nature: Cities in American Environmental Politics - Matthew HuberUrban Politics as Parallax - Deborah Martin and Mark Davidson
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