Workforce Wake-Up Call

Workforce Wake-Up Call

Your Workforce is Changing, Are You?

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Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Abundance,Asia, and Automation (Daniel H. Pink). PART I: Get the Talent Forecast and Workforce Strategy Right. Chapter 1. Some Half--Truths about Managing People: A Call for Evidence--Based Management (Jeffrey Pfeffer). Chapter 2. Predictable Surprises: The Disasters You Should Have Seen Coming (Michael D.Watkins and Max H. Bazerman). Chapter 3. Human Capital Investments for Pareto--Optimal Returns (Samir J. Raza and Mark C. Ubelhart). Chapter 4. Using Workforce Analytics to Make StrategicTalent Decisions (Matt Schuyler). PART II: Revitalize the Talent Entry Processes. Chapter 5. Cutting Through the Fog: Navigating the Messy Wars for Talent (Helen Handfield--Jones). Chapter 6. Staffing for the Future: Next Generation Workforce Management (Robert P. Gandossy and Tina Kao). Chapter 7. How an Evolving Psychological Contract Is Changing Workforce Flexibility (David E. Guest). Chapter 8. Leading the Knowledge Nomad: An Overlooked Segment of the Workforce Explodes the Myth That Worker Mobility Comes at the Expense ofWorker Engagement (Todd L. Pittinsky and Margaret J. Shih). Chapter 9. What Happened to the "New Deal" with Employees? (Peter Cappelli and Rocio Bonet). Chapter 10. Human Capital Relationship Management: Using Customer Relationship Management to Customize Employee Relationships (Caryn Rowe and Elissa Tucker). Chapter 11. Getting the "New" Newcomer Connected and Productive Quickly (Rob Cross, Salvatore Parise, and Keith Rollag). PART III: Treat Talent Well. Chapter 12. Creating a Virtuous Spiral Organization (Edward E. Lawler III). Chapter 13. Managing Workforce Challenges in India's IT Industry (N. R. Narayana Murthy). Chapter 14. Unleashing the Power of a High Performance Workforce (Bob Campbell, Betsy Scheffel, and Nidhi Verma). Chapter 15. Out of This World: Doing Things the Semco Way (Ricardo Semler). Chapter 16. Diversity's Next Frontier: Hard--Core Inclusion: The Hard Stuff of a Soft Concept (Andres Tapia). Chapter 17. The Democratic Enterprise (Lynda Gratton). PART IV: Embrace New Age Leadership. Chapter 18. Building Tomorrow's Leadership Pipeline (Noel M.Tichy and Christopher M. DeRose). Chapter 19. The Future of Work: From "Command and Control" to"Coordinate and Cultivate" (Thomas W. Malone). Chapter 20. Women in Business Leadership: What Companies Ought to Do (Sheila Wellington). Chapter 21. Leadership in the Internet Age: Managing a Diverse and Dispersed Workforce (Patricia Wallace). Chapter 22. Workforce Diversity: A Global HR Topic That Has Arrived (Ted Childs). Chapter 23. Organization as Nature Intended: Human Universals and the Employment Experience (Nigel Nicholson). Notes. About the Contributors. Index.
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